Aussie Share Sales has developed Australia’s easiest one-off share sale service and is designed for Australian residents wishing to sell issuer sponsored shares (SRN shares).

Selling your shares with Aussie Share Sales is easy! Here’s how we sell your shares:

  1. Gather your documents
    • Holding or Dividend Statement showing your SRN (i.e. I123456789) – This is used to locate and sell your shares
    • Valid photo ID – Helps us identify the and validate the shareholder’s authority to sell the shares
    • Bank statement – Tells us where to deposit the proceeds of the sale
  2. Take and upload pictures
    • With Aussie Share Sales, thee is no need to fill out long and complicated forms. Simply take pictures of the aforementioned documents, and upload them into the Share Sale Form.
  3. We sell your shares
    • Shares are sold within 1-2 business days at the best available market price.
  4. You get paid
    • Your sale settles in two business days. Funds are transferred directly to your nominated account.
Aussie Share Sales brokerage rates is $195 + 0.5% per parcel (under $25,000).

Percentage fee is based on the value of the parcel sold. Prices are exclusive of GST. Fees are deducted from the proceeds of the share sale.

Holdings valued over $25,000 will be charged at a rate of $195 + 0.75%

Complex share sales requiring additional legal document verifications and regulatory compliance checks (ie shares owned by a company, trust, SMSF, or deceased estate), a surcharge of $50 or 0.5%, plus GST (whichever is greater) will apply.

To sell your shares, they must be listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and be Issuer Sponsored (held on an SRN rather than broker sponsored shares).

SRNs can normally be found on holding or dividend statements, begin with the letter ‘I’ and are followed by nine numbers (i.e. I123456789).

If your holder number starts with the letter ‘X’, your shares are broker sponsored and cannot be sold through Aussie Share Sales.

A holding or dividend statement showing your SRN is required to sell your shares. If you cannot locate a document showing your SRN, you can request a copy of your most recent holding statement directly from the share registry.

Here is a list of the most commonly sold shares and their respective registries:

Company NameRegistryContact Number
AMP (AMP)Computershare1300 555 159
Coles (COL)Computershare1300 555 159
Commonwealth Bank (CBA)Link1300 554 474
IAG (IAG)Computershare1300 555 159
Medibank (MPL)Computershare1300 555 159
NIB (NHF)Computershare1300 555 159
Telstra (TLS)Link1300 554 474
Wesfarmers (WES)Computershare1300 555 159
Woolworths (WOW)Link1300 554 474

Your shares will be sold within 1-2 business days of the submission of your share sale form. A Contract Note (receipt) will be sent to you on the day the shares are sold with all of the details of the sale.

Shares are sold ‘At Market Order’, which means that they are sold at the best available price at the time of sale.

All trades in the ASX take two business days to settle. The net amount of the proceeds of the sale will be transferred to your nominated bank account on the second business day after your order is executed (T+2).

Yes! You can sell up to four individual holdings with just one share sale form. All holdings must have the same registered details in order to be grouped into one form.

If you need to sell more than one holding but the registered details are different, you will need to submit a share sale form per parcel to be sold.

Aussie Share Sales is designed as a sell-only service for clients looking to trade ASX listed shares. For clients looking to purchase shares or for portfolio management, please email us at [email protected]

Aussie Share Sales cannot currently assist with international clients. 

Aussie Share Trades supports the ability to sell shares registered to an old name. To do so, simply follow the prompts in our Share Sale Form and upload a certified copy of a change of name certificate.

Unfortunately, if your shares do not exceed the costs of our fees we cannot complete the sale. We are sorry for any inconvenience.